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Where does topsoil come from and what is it?

Topsoil is the first few inches of soil near the surface in an area, this is why the word ( top ) is included in the name. This upper area contains the most useful nutrients, minterals, and humus which is valuable for growing plants like grass and in garden beds.


This dirt product is used for growing grass and spreading across the top of lawns. It is different because it contains sand, very small rocks, and some organic material. This dirt is perfect for growing turfgrasses when it doesn't have too much clay, or organic material.

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Topsoil information :

From : ( What is topsoil?) Topsoil is the upper surface of the Earth's crust, and usually is no deeper than approximately eight inches (20 centimeters). The Earth's topsoil mixes rich humus with minerals and composted material, resulting in a nutritious substrate for plants and trees.

From: University of Conneticut ( Purchasing Topsoil )Advice on topsoil.Topsoil, as the name infers, is the uppermost layer of soil.

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