Nashville screened Soil!

Nashville Screened Soil is when the soil is put through a machine called a shredder. Once through the shredder the dirt or soil is fluffy and has less clumps. See Screened Soil Images and Video Below:


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Unscreened soil is soil that is as it was dug from the ground. This soil is likely to have large chunks of soil which take some time to break apart. Some chunks can be bowling ball sized or even larger.

Nashville Screened Soil, image of a truck dumping screened soil.


While screened soil costs more and unscreened soil costs less most people find they wished they would have ordered the screened once they get a load of unscreened soil.

Nashville Screened Dirt


Unscreened soil is for filling large holes in the ground or spreading with heavy equipment.

Screened soil is for garden beds, yards, most soil uses should use screened soil because it is easier to work.

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Screen your own soil : From ( Make your own soili Screen )

Some garden soils have too many small rocks to make for easy planting and digging. Screen the soil through a home-made screening frame to separate out the rocks (and twigs and other yard debris) before you begin working or planting the soil. Soil screens are easy to make, and you can customize them to your purposes.

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